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Mitchell Scoggins understands church insurance needs. He has served as benevolence director, chairman of deacons, and on church boards for building and finance committees. As the founder of Cornerstone Church Insruance, he works exclusively with churches.
Mitchell ScogginsMitchell Scoggins
As churches grow and develop over time, their insurance needs change.

According to some loss claims specialists, 40% of church losses involving total fire
Mitchell ScogginsSteve Wimberley
losses are under insured.

Mitchell or Steve Wimberley will personally visit and gather the building information needed to accurately calculate the reconstruction costs such as square footage, construction type and unique features. The final re-construction estimate is then compared to your current coverage.

Additionally, the review will look for coverage gaps or inadequate limits in areas of clergy professional, sexual misconduct, directors & officers, day care liability, Workers Compensation and more.

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